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How To Make a Cardboard Christmas Tree

If there’s ever a designer creation you must build, this one is it. We’ve updated the instructions to our infamous Makedo Christmas Tree - and this time around, we’re also working on a mini table-top version!

Put away your wood saw and replace it with a Makedo Safe-saw. Save a tree and find some old cardboard to turn into a DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree.

Makedo cardboard Christmas tree

Here’s our minimalist interpretation to help get you started... but there are endless ways you could decorate it - a Cardboard Christmas Tree is the perfect blank canvas for the kids to get creative with these holidays. Click the collage below to download instructions and cutting template for our full-size Cardboard Christmas Tree, and stay tuned for the all-new mini desk-sized version (coming soon).

You can make a smaller desk-sized version with our instructions here. Either way, we’re sure Santa will be impressed with your creativity and have no problem finding the perfect place to put all your presents. Happy holidays!

PDF Instructions: Cardboard Christmas Tree

The making is only half the fun. How will you decorate your Cardboard Christmas Tree? Here are a few of our favourites from Instructables makers:

Makedo DIY cardboard Christmas Tree customizations

All the cardboard construction tools you need to build the Makedo Cardboard Christmas Tree are included in the Discover Kit.