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Exploring Creativity with Makedo in the Classroom

One lucky group of students at Preshil’s Arlington Junior Campus in Melbourne spent a whole semester exploring creativity with Makedo. Introduced as a part of the Elective Program, these weekly sessions focused on both individual and group projects across a range of themes.

Makedo cardboard creativity in the classroom

The Preshil methodology seeks to foster making and creating, building and growing, and exploring passions by finding that special thing that each child loves. And the best part? Electives are run by parents and volunteers who can offer their own unique insights both to support teachers and contribute to the children’s experience of school.

Makedo inventor and Preshil parent Paul Justin was almost as excited as the students were to embark on a series of creative adventures in the classroom with Makedo. Over several months, Paul and the students worked together in a group to build a maze, explored the physical world with animated body tracings, fended off intergalactic invaders in Makedo Transformer costumes and pushed the boundaries with the next generation of architects in custom designed playhouses.

Makedo cardboard creativity in the classroom

Upon returning to Makedo HQ from the final session, we asked Paul if he’d do it again. His reply?

    “Working with those kids really brought home what Makedo is all about – embracing playful creativity. It’s a special moment to see them engage with the potential of their own imagination. I can’t get enough of it.”