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Makedo for Educators

Makedo Process: Find, Create, Play, Learn, Inspire



Makedo is the most open-ended construction system ever invented. With a free and unlimited source of building blocks, repurposed cardboard opens up a world of unlimited, creative play. Find exciting new ways to explore students’ learning goals with what you have on hand. That is making do.



Creativity is currency for future thinkers. The Makedo system channels creativity in all its forms. Through a process of rapid failure and fixes, ordinary cardboard becomes that imagined thing - from ‘minds eye’ to ‘I made it’. No matter the outcome, the creative process is honoured every step of the way.



Play is The Way - unstructured, open-ended and joyful. Given time and space, kids will play naturally and learn intuitively. From collaboration and problem solving to experimentation and imagination, play will help kids (and adults) develop critical 21st century skills. In short, Makedo prepares them to succeed in an exciting yet unknown future.



It’s not what you think, it’s how you think. Makedo facilitates an interdisciplinary, hands on learning experience which engenders a deeper understanding of concepts with application to real-life scenarios. What’s more, Makedo is accessible for all types of students and their differing learning needs, Makedo teaches students to value the learning process as much as the results and Makedo develops collaboration skills.



Makedo is a community of makers and doers. With no fixed blueprint on how to use Makedo, it has already been used in the most incredible and unexpected ways. We encourage you to be inspired by and inspire others with ideas, process and outcomes.





Makedo excels in the development of 21st century skills.



Creative thinking. Conceptualisation. Problem solving. Spacial relations. Concentration.


Fine & gross motor skills. Hand-eye coordination. Practical organisation.


Communication. Self-expression. Teamwork. Leadership. Independence.




Ideal for collaborative creative spaces such as classrooms, libraries and maker spaces.


Safe and easy to use – parts are intuitive and eliminate the need for sharp cutting tools

Fast building – simple creations in 20 minutes; complex creations in 45+ minutes

Individual or group – from 1-person projects to whole-school projects Low mess – dry media making it a manageable in-class activity


Economical – a handful of parts can make a creation - and they’re reusable so the creating never ends

Flexible – can be applied to a broad range of curriculum (STEM / STEAM) and age groups from Pre-K through Tertiary to OT for elderly

Highly engaging – absorbs students in concentrated activity Community – inspire and get inspired by a global Makedo movement

images thanks to @JimTiffinJr, MVPS - Atlanta, Georgia.



Makedo leaves its mark on educators the world over. Here is what some of them had to say.

"Makedo's most empowering features is its ability to facilitate collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving." Shana Upiter, Primary Teacher

"One of the most exciting things about Makedo is it provides the enhanced ability for youth to rapidly prototype ideas." Corinne Okada Takara, Educationalist

"Makedo is a great way to make green technology come alive, and get students thinking about what happens to the stuff we use." Mary Saville, Engineering and Science Teacher

"Makedo encouraged the children to work collaboratively. Challenges had to be solved together." Natalie Kluska, Primary Teacher

"The most challenging thing about using Makedo was asking the children to stop at the end of the day." Antonia Avdalas, Early Learning Educationalist

"Makedo has been a great resource for kids to think outside the square and work with what they have." Kathryn O'Bree, Primary School Teacher



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