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Who is Makedo?

Makedo was invented and designed by Paul Justin (PJ), an industrial designer based in Melbourne, Australia. It is the tale of a designer freelancing from home and having his day punctuated by his then four year old, requesting 'props' for his imaginative play. A shield here, a helmet there, possibly a turreted castle with working drawbridge of course! The desire to support his son to manifest his wild imagination in the real world (and get some work done!) precipitated a light bulb moment... and Makedo was born!

From humble beginnings, Makedo is now a global business that forms part of the rapidly growing, worldwide Maker Movement. We believe when people are tinkering, making and playing freely they are solving problems, exploring new ideas, stretching their imaginations, developing new skills, testing their limits, tapping into their instincts, collaborating and innovating. With Makedo, all this and more is possible.