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STEM Education and Career Pathways for Kids

STEM Education and Career Pathways for Kids

We know that integrated forms of learning known as STEM (or STEAM) are important. In fact, STEM is one of the most talked about areas in education, but why? 


One of the reasons is that STEM fields are at the core of creating career pathways for kids because STEM learning uses skills and knowledge from a variety of disciplines to address everyday problems.


It teaches problem-solving, innovation, logic and, of course, imagination. All perfect skills for a diverse range of careers. STEM careers are expected to be the fastest-growing careers of the future.


Career growth in this area is also why STEM education has never been more important. Kids need to be supported with experiences at school to equip them to succeed in this ever-evolving field. 


The goal for global educators is to foster kid’s STEM skills and support their curiosity, to develop confidence and spark interest from a young age.


We recommend starting early with hands-on, fun, STEM experiences combining technical knowledge and skills, creativity applied in meaningful contexts. 


Like transforming cardboard boxes with nothing but imagination and Makedo tools.  

Get some inspiration by joining a Makedo design challenge or take a look at these Makedo make and play found on our HUB.


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