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Educator Resources

  • How To Videos

    For beginners and experts alike, teachers and students can refer to our How To Videos as an introduction to Makedo, and for troubleshooting and training.

  • Starter Guides

    A great way to get making, our Starter Guides develop basic making skills, spark imagination and encourage the 4Cs.

  • STEAM Design Challenges

    A simple way to bring STEAM to any learning space, our interdisciplinary STEAM Design Challenges will support students to develop key 21st Century skills.

  • Subject-Aligned Activities

    Incorporate Makedo in all learning areas with our subject-aligned, adaptive, interdisciplinary Activities that easily link to global curriculum standards.

A toolbox brimming with learning potential and fun.

What educators are saying

  • This is my childhood dream come true in a product. Have you ever created anything out of cardboard and tape? Well this is next level.

    — @mystemclassroom
  • These are an absolute game changer in the Makerspace. They mean I don’t have to be rushing from group to group helping them by cutting cardboard with a knife that is too sharp for little hands.

    — @themakerdifference
  • The students were totally enthralled and engaged with this process. I felt the same as the classroom teacher. Their creativity and collaboration were unparalleled.

    — @msmithdiamond
  • This is such great Project Based Learning. Love how the students helped answer their own questions.

    — @tlnoel
  • A game changer in the imagination to reality struggle.

    — @BCO_Ed
  • It's the most popular station at our makerspace after school event!

    — @MrsKosmicki
  • The Makedo kit is phenomenal.

    — @thenerdyteacher
  • They are worth every penny in the amount of tape and faff they save.

    — @vicarage_t_and_me
  • ...some of the best learnings happen during authentic creation.

    — @ecsdearlylearning
  • I would highly recommend this for any teacher, any parent, looking to get hands-on.

    — @MathBoardom
  • I loved the flexibility and problem solving abilities of this group and the dedication in seeing their work to the end.

    — @thecuriosity_collective
  • They have been obsessed with the Makedo kits. They are collaborating, planning, and teaching other classes now how to use the tools. Such a great tool for kids.

    — @michaelpalagi

Cardboard as a building block

As a construction material, cardboard has a lot going for it. Here’s why we chose it as the building block for all Makedo creations:

   It’s sustainable, fully recyclable and can be used again and again.

   It’s sturdy but pliable enough for small hands to manipulate.

   It’s versatile. Cardboard can be folded, sawed through and hole-punched all while maintaining its durability.

   It’s free! Fantastic for those modest classroom budgets.

   Makedo interrupts the waste stream by using otherwise discarded cardboard for making do.

Makedo Change - Make the world you want to see

Proud supporters of:

The Life You Can Save
Evidence Action

We believe in teaching young people the skills to tackle our world’s biggest problems.

That’s why we developed Makedo Change — a series of interdisciplinary STEAM programs that explore the issues affecting the most vulnerable people on our planet.

Through hands-on learning experiences including Makedo cardboard construction as well as content-based lessons, students explore global citizenship and changemaking, investigate real world problems, and follow the design process to invent creative solutions.

Find out more  ➔

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Makedo and STEAM

Makedo is the perfect STEAM teaching and learning tool.

Addressing an authentic problem with the application of knowledge across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math is fun and engaging with Makedo.

Think prototyping ideas for a stool that can withstand the weight of a classmate, or building a tower so tall and sturdy that it reaches the ceiling, or even exploring solutions for global issues like access to safe water. All this and more can be done with Makedo tools and cardboard.

And of course, STEAM learning with Makedo develops the four Cs; collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication, as well as design thinking; the skills to question, analyse, reason, evaluate, problem solve, and innovate. Important skills for now and the future because real world problems need big picture thinkers to help solve them.

Makedo and 3D printing

To complement the Makedo cardboard construction system we have developed a library of Makedo compatible parts for you to freely download and 3D print.

There are parts to enhance functionality, improve efficiency and integrate directly with other maker products.

It’s an ongoing project so keep checking back in!