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Join the community, get rewarded.

This is the box to be in. Join our program today and earn points, free products and more with the Cardboard Club.

How it works.

Create an account.

Create an account.

Click the ‘Log In’ button at the top and visit the Cardboard Club page (that's where you are now!). Log in to access your account whenever you want.

Earn points.

Earn points.

It’s easy: get them whenever you shop ($1 spent = 10 points) and earn bonus points interacting with us.

Unlock rewards.

Unlock rewards.

Use your rewards as you like: gift Makedo to your friends’ kids or nephews, and top up your toolbox with Scrus and extra tools!

Cardboard Club FAQ

Do more with your Makedo!

This is where you take your Makedo Shop experience to the next level.
Unlock exciting perks with your all access pass to exclusive rewards.

Joining is easy! All you need is to be signed in here on the Makedo website.

Log in to your Makedo account, and your available rewards will appear on the Cardboard Club page.

There are no fees or charges. Your membership to the Cardboard Club is totally free.

Your point balance will be visible on the Cardboard Club page when you are signed in to your account on the Makedo website.

Using your rewards is easy! Log in to your account to see your Cardboard Club points balance and track your rewards progress.

Convert your Points to a reward coupon to use on your next purchase.

Redemption Tiers:

New Maker

  • $5 off coupon - 100 Points ($25+ orders)

Confident Maker ($500+ Spend)

  • $6 off coupon - 100 Points ($25+ orders)

Advanced Maker ($1,000+ Spend)

  • $7 off coupon - 100 Points ($25+ orders)

Master Maker ($5,000+ Spend)

  • $8 off coupon - 100 Points ($25+ orders)

Note: Cardboard Club points are based on USD value.
Minimum spend excludes shipping fees.

These are the ways you can earn Cardboard Club points:

  • Signup - 50 Points
  • Place an order - 10 Points for every $1 spent
  • Write a review - 100 Points
  • Attach a picture to your review - 30 Points
  • Attach a video to your review - 50 Points
  • Bonus for using Social Login - 20 Points
  • Share on Facebook - 20 Points
  • Follow on Instagram - 20 Points

Note: Points are earned for every dollar spent on Makedo products.
Shipping fees do not earn points towards your Cardboard Club balance.

We welcome and value your honest feedback.

Approximately three weeks after placing an order on our store, you will receive an invitation to post a review for the products that you purchased.

As well as helping other Makedo makers by sharing your valuable opinion, posting a review will earn you extra points for your Cardboard Club rewards! Just be sure that you are logged in to your account when you submit your review.

There is no expiry at the Cardboard Club. Your points will be ready and waiting for you to use them at your own convenience.

The Cardboard Club rewards program is only open to members of the Makedo community who have purchased from the Makedo Shop at:

Purchases from Amazon or other retailers either online or in-person are not automatically eligible to earn Cardboard Club points.

Sorry to say, but the answer is no. It is not possible to stack other promotions with Cardboard Club rewards.

Invite friends, get rewarded.

When you refer a (soon-to-be cardboard obsessed) friend, you’ll give them 10% off their first purchase and you’ll get 10% off your next purchase, too. Talk about a win-win!