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Makedo Change is a series of ready‑to‑teach programs focusing on global citizenship, social justice, and changemaking, designed for teachers of all subjects to engage students in grades two through eight.

Makedo Change is...

Run the programs from start to finish, follow our suggested abridged versions, or teach the lessons that work for you.

Lessons meet a wide range of curriculum standards from around the world. Find curriculum links from your region within the programs.

The programs are interdisciplinary, meaning teachers of language, math, science, STEAM, the arts, health, specialist classes, clubs, and more can run them.

Through engaging and meaningful learning, students will develop STEAM skills, empathy, and the 21st-century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Social justice and changemaking will come to life when your students think as global citizens to fundraise for an evidence-based not-for-profit that is effecting significant change.

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Makedo Education

Stay tuned for more impactful changemaking resources.

Program 2

Fundraise for real-world change

The fundraising component of Makedo Change invites students to raise funds for the global issue they are learning about. 

We’ve partnered with The Life You Can Save so you can be sure that every dollar raised affects genuine change for the world’s most vulnerable people. They recommend high-impact, cost-effective organisations that save lives and improve wellbeing, where each dollar goes the furthest, based on independent research by a team of experts.

Take a peek into the program

Makedo Change combines hands-on projects with content-based lessons for an impactful and thought-provoking learning experience.

Teachers LOVE Makedo Change

  • The Makedo Change curriculum was incredibly engaging for our fourth-grade students. The content is a great blend of maker and design curricula that can be adapted to fit almost any content standards.

    Greg McDonough - Innovation Space Director, Lake Forest Country Day School, Illinois USA
  • The Makedo cardboard construction kit is a phenomenal resource which provides pupils with the tools to allow their creativity and problem solving to flourish. Makedo Change allows teachers to teach children in an engaging way and then encourages them to fundraise to help to make a difference. Thank you Makedo!

    Donna Hanley - Primary STEM Development Officer, Midlothian Council & RAiSE, Scotland
  • I love the cross-curricular learning opportunities it provides and how easy it was to implement. It opened up important conversations about global citizenship and how we can help make our world a better place. I've recommended it to my colleagues as a must-have in their classroom communities.

    Amanda Long - Pringle Creek Primary School, Whitby Ontario Canada
  • The Makedo Change program has provided my grade 3s with a vehicle for rich and meaningful conversation and learning about some important global themes, and the hands-on Makedo projects have been a fun and interactive way to engage every student. I love the interdisciplinary nature of the program, and the way it aligns to so many curriculum standards.

    Einat Orbach - Gifted Education Coordinator, Sholem Aleichem College, Melbourne Australia
  • “The Makedo Change Program helps to build thinking classrooms in which students experience deeper learning and the Global Competencies. It provides students with the tools to develop their own ideas and put them into action. Our students have the potential to change the world - and they are one step closer with the Makedo Change Program.”

    Ashton Fischer - St. Luke Catholic School, Waterloo Ontario Canada
  • Students were able to see the value in being passionate about things that interest them and how they can use that passion to do good in the world. 
    Makedo change discusses many important global issues and provides insight into how we become global thinkers. My grade 8 students loved the in-depth conversations and the learning that came with each lesson.

    Bobbie Francis - Grade 8 Teacher / Science, Pringle Creek Public School, Whitby Canada
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