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Social Emotional Learning with Makedo

Social Emotional Learning with Makedo

Social and emotional learning, often known as SEL, has been gaining attention in education circles for some time. 


Being a team player is a critical relationship skill for children to build. So is developing self-awareness and self-management, a sense of responsibility, kindness and empathy for others. All skills important for children’s ability to cope effectively with everyday challenges and for encouraging the next generation of thoughtful global citizens.


But what does this have to do with Makedo or STEAM learning? Well, Makedo projects don’t just involve design and engineering, they integrate valuable SEL skills.


For example, students can create cardboard cubbies as spaces to practice relaxation and mindfulness, or transform an open area in the classroom to become a collaborative creative space for all the students to share and enjoy.

We suggest using Makedo in your classroom to focus on social-emotional learning by providing students with opportunities to experience the following:


  • Set and achieve a positive goal e.g. build something fun.
  • When designing, think about others and the perspective of those who'll use the creations. 
  • When creating, listen to the ideas of others.
  • Experience frustration, learn from mistakes and cultivate persistence and success.
  • Practice flexible thinking and decision making.
  • Encourage teamwork, collaboration and having fun together.
  • Build community with whole school projects to create, share and celebrate together.


SEL is part of a student’s well-rounded and holistic education and using Makedo in the classroom offers a safe learning environment where mistakes, relationships and wellbeing are not only supported...they're encouraged. 


All you need is some Makedo tools, some cardboard boxes, and off you go!



Image credits: sowashco, @EAddicott, smore, @vickyyhengg

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