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The Pros of Project-Based Learning

The Pros of Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning involves using what students are learning in the classroom to create something that represents their understanding, which is where Makedo can help.


With Makedo tools, some imagination and planning, students can demonstrate their understanding of the topic at hand by creating something from recycled cardboard.


When bringing project-based learning, and Makedo, into the classroom, start your project with a meaningful question or a design challenge that frames an open-ended investigation. Projects like these can help to bridge various disciplines including STEM, the design process and 21st-century thinking skills.


Teachers can identify a part of the curriculum, knowledge, skills and learning goals, then put them into practice with engaging, concrete, hands-on experiences.


Students then get to dive in and spend weeks (or more) with sustained interest and deep learning.


There are endless possibilities for using Makedo alongside project-based learning. Here’s an example: students could be inspired by solving a problem for characters from a favourite book e.g Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


They could recreate an imaginary world from the story, making buildings and landmarks, and bring characters to life with cardboard. Maybe one of the characters in the story has a new problem and the students have to design a solution. The factory may need an imaginative renovation. Or a new fudge-making machine. 


Another example: set students a design challenge. They could be empowered to design and build a new playground for the school. Start by brainstorming what makes a perfect playground — would it have tunnels and cubbies or perhaps even a pirate ship?


There will be prototypes and testing, mistakes will be made and students encouraged to try again. Project-based learning is a collaboration and the process is guided by teachers. 


image credit: GIS and Single Steps.

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