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In the Classroom: Building Confidence

In the Classroom: Building Confidence

"I’m a library teacher at Bellwood Public School in Ontario, Canada. I planned an inquiry-based project to enhance our school’s STEM learning opportunities over three double periods with each class during library time.


I used the books 'How to Catch the Easter Bunny' by Adam Wallace and 'Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty' as provocations for designing 'gizmos' and 'traps'. Students were placed in teams, each group designed a blueprint and used Makedo to build from the design.


Students were instantly engaged! This experience met Ontario curriculum learning objectives including:
· work cooperatively in small groups 
· explore with a new tool 
· plan/design/refine a blueprint 
· create a 3D structure
· a focus on problem-solving


I observed that some of our less confident students thrived using Makedo’s hands-on tools. One student in particular, who typically struggles with academic skills, was the first student to discover that he could attach pieces of cardboard together and make a door and drawbridge! His feeling of accomplishment were felt by everyone. I shared the HUGE success of the STEM learning with others during a staff meeting where we planned more ways to use Makedo."


Thanks to L. McKechney, Bellwood Public School.


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