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Safety Standards

All of our products are tested by an independent laboratory to meet global toy standards. 

Makedo conforms to:

  • USA CPSIA and ASTM F963
  • European EN-71
  • Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 8124
  • Canada SOR/2011-17

Makedo is made without PVC, BPA, Phthalates or Lead.


Is Makedo made from recycled plastic?

Makedo is made in China using virgin plastic. However the answers are far more nuanced than that. 

We use 3 different types of plastic material, each selected for functional suitability:

Plastic-recyc-05.svg Number 5 plastics can be recycled through some curb-side programs.
Plastic-recyc-abs.svgâ¹ Number 7 plastics have traditionally not been recycled, though some curb-side programs now take them. 
Polyamide Resin Code.tiffâ¹ Number 7 plastics have traditionally not been recycled, though some curb-side programs now take them.

Plastic Negative

Our underlying philosophy is about developing a visceral understanding of up-cycling and activating a desire and ability in kids to safely and easily make and remake their own toys with cardboard and the tiniest amount of plastic (which makes us plastic negative when you consider the short life of so many plastic toys). 

Our impact must be viewed holistically - as must everything; each electric car and solar panel and sustainability promoting instagram feed viewed on an electronic device is contributing to a carbon footprint. However we see them as ‘good’ because we value the path that they pave. Makedo is creating sustainability thinking pathways inside the minds of tomorrows problem solvers and in this moment, we need to use plastic to do it.

From a technical perspective our product demands certain mechanical properties to both function as intended and comply with international toy safety standards. We are engaged in ongoing research to move away from virgin plastic and we have made some very exciting progress. While this is not ready for production yet, our design team are continually exploring how to best make use of these new materials for Makedo so do stay tuned!

Until that time (and since we were established in 2009) we have run a Closing The Loop program whereby we receive and re-process end of life plastic parts into new parts:

Closing the loop: End-of-Life Program for Makedo tools

Makedo will accept end-of-life returns for all of our plastic products. Contact us using the following form to organise a returns package* so that we can take care of recycling the materials for reuse in future manufactured products.
* Returns program operates in specific regions parallel to the global Makedo warehouse distribution network.

Closing the Loop Submission
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Stainless Steel

The Makedo Safe-Saw and Fold-Roller feature blades made from high grade Stainless Steel. This material has been selected for its resilience during sustained usage over many years - Makedo cardboard construction tools are made to last. The use of Stainless Steel is critical to ensuring the specifically designed safety features of the cutting tools can be finely controlled. This means our strict adherence to international toy safety standards is maintained without compromise.