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Sold Out - $75.00 USD

DISCONTINUED! We are sorry to say, there are no longer any Space Pods being constructed in this galaxy.

Be quick! You may still get lucky at the Makedo Amazon Store. 


Inspiring the next generation of creative innovators with our tools for cardboard construction, we're all boosters firing to launch our out-of-this-world Ready To Build mission... THE SPACE POD!



Build your own Space Pod and get inside to fight an intergalactic star war, search for life on other planets and navigate your way around your unbounded imagination to worlds unknown.

Makedo Space Pod interior

The Space Pod is an all-inclusive project kit with everything you need in the box! Suitable for girls and boys aged 6+.

The Makedo Scru and Scrudriver are an intuitive and simple set of tools for cardboard construction.

Stands at over 4 feet tall! Develops collaboration, problem solving skills, spatial awareness and creative play.

INCLUDES: Simple, step by step instructions, printed and pre-cut cardboard and reusable Makedo cardboard construction tools.


Space Pod kit contents and assembly walkthrough: 

The Makedo Space Pod can be easily assembled by following the included step-by-step instructions. Little makers might appreciate the help of an adult; and you can refer to the Instructions walkthrough video below to see the complete assembly process from unboxing through to blast-off.