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Be a Teacher Who Inspires

Be a Teacher Who Inspires

Remember that standout teacher who truly inspired you? Maybe he/she even changed the trajectory of your life — good teachers can be incredibly powerful role models 


It’s the reason why, during this Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to celebrate and thank all teachers for the vital role they play in inspiring students and helping shape their future.


At Makedo, our goal is to support every teacher to be that one outstanding educator who motivates students to be prepared for the future and to be the changemakers our world needs.


It’s well understood that quality, multi-disciplinary teaching matters in a child’s life but how do teachers encourage students in STEM? The answer is through powerful, supportive and meaningful exposure to hands-on experiences and projects. 


And by bringing Makedo into your classroom, you can do exactly that!


When teachers connect with their students and encourage and support them to participate in STEM learning, students can achieve so much.


By encouraging students to make mistakes, they are building their confidence. By guiding students to move outside their comfort zone and slowly build upon and further unpack what they know, teachers are demonstrating the importance of asking questions.


As humans, we have been using STEM to solve the world’s problems forever! We invented the wheel, the lightbulb and saved countless lives with the invention of antibiotics...what will you inspire your students to come up with next?!


So, teachers, be bold, leave the confines of the classroom and engage with STEM in the real world. Address big ideas, key concepts and thinking. Be a role model; show curiosity and willingness to engage in problem-solving. And most importantly, have fun!


Introduce STEM engagement today by facilitating a Makedo design challenge at your school: here are some ideas to help get you started.


Image credits: @MrsMacLaverty (top)  @AlexaLepp (bottom)

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