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How to Make a Cardboard Car

Start your engines, makers. It's time to build a DIY cardboard race car!
How to Make a Cardboard Car

Difficulty: Medium  |  Duration: 30-40 Minutes


This cardboard car is sure to get your motor running. With nothing but a couple of cardboard boxes and your trusty Makedo tools, the kids will have the ride of their lives in their very own cardboard race car built for a pro. Featuring a sleek design including hub caps and a spoiler (so it can go REALLY fast), be sure to take pole position for a family race down the hallway. Just don’t forget to use your brakes 😉


Ready, set, MAKE!


What you'll need





Step 1: Find 1x medium rectangular box and some additional cardboard.

Your box should be enough to sit in. Fruit or vegetable boxes are perfect.

Step 2: Make the frame of the car.

Remove the lid, then use your Safe-Saw to cut the lid at two-thirds of the way along both sides. Follow the cutting line along the top of the lid to divide it into two sections. The larger section will be for the front of the car, and the smaller section for the back. Use your Scru-Driver to attach the front at an angle to the base of the box with a Scru on each side. Repeat with the back, adjusting the angle for a speedy profile.

Step 3: Let’s roll (with 4x wheels)!

Find a round object to trace (we used a dinner plate) and grab your additional cardboard. Trace the outline of the four wheels with a punch, then cut. Repeat the same process with a smaller circle to create four hubcaps. To trace these, we used a cup.

Step 4: Connect your hubcaps.

Place each hubcap in the centre of each wheel, then connect to the car using a Scru+. Be sure to leave enough room between the wheels on each side for a door.


Step 5: Make 2x doors.

Use your Fold-Roller to score the outline of a door on each side of the car. Cut along the angled and horizontal lines, then fold along the vertical line.

Step 6: Make the dashboard.

Use your Fold-Roller to score the outline of the dash, cutting at an angle on the sides of the box, then straight across the top. Cut the folded edge of the box to the score line on each side, then fold the triangular side flaps inwards and the top of the dash down. Attach the dash to the triangular flaps with a Scru on each side.

Step 7: Make the backrest.

To create the backrest, score a rounded edge at the back of the car, then fold down.

Step 8: Make the steering wheel.

Use your additional cardboard to trace and cut a circular shape (you might like to use the same object as the wheels for tracing).

Step 9: Attach the steering wheel.

Cut a rectangular section to fit the dash, then score two lines at one-third and two-thirds of the way across. Fold to create a raised centre and attach to the dash with two Scrus. Finally, connect the steering wheel to the raised section with a central Scru.

Step 10: Add the finishing touches (2x lights, a spoiler and 2x door handles).

For the lights, cut two small circles and attach them to the front of the car with a single Scru.

To make the spoiler, cut a rectangle the width of the car, then score and fold through the centre lengthways. Create a bracket by cutting a smaller rectangle, then score at one-third and two-thirds along. Attach the bracket to the spoiler, then the spoiler to the back of the car with two Scrus each. 

To make the door handles, cut four small rectangles, score and then fold through the centre. Attach two handles to each door with a Scru+.


You're all done! It's time to take your car for a test drive. Have fun!

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