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How to Make a Cardboard Puppet

Craft your own screen-free entertainment with this DIY cardboard puppet, offering hours of imaginative play without any strings attached.
How to Make a Cardboard Puppet

Difficulty: Medium  |  Duration: 20-30 Minutes

Build this DIY cardboard puppet for hours of screen-free entertainment, no strings attached!

Get ready to say ‘showtime’ in no time, with this adorable cardboard puppet perfect for imaginative play. With just a couple of upcycled shoe boxes and your trusty Makedo tools, making toys with your family has never been easier. And why stop with one puppet, be inspired by the materials around you to build a theatre full of unique and fun cardboard characters. 

Let the show begin!


What you'll need


Step 1: Find 2x small rectangular boxes.

Shoe boxes work really well for this project.

Step 2: Make the puppet mouth. 

Use your Safe-Saw to remove the lid from one of the boxes, then make two vertical cuts along the sides of your box in the centre (just don’t cut through the base!). Use your Fold-Roller to create a crease down the centre of the box and fold outwards. 

Step 3: Make 2x hand straps for the mouth.

Use the lid from step 2 to cut two rectangles that measure longer than the width of your box for easy attachment. Use your Fold-Roller to create folds at each end of the straps, then use your Scru-Driver with a Scru to attach the handles to the box. So handy!

Step 4: Make 2x eyes and ears.

Use your Safe-Saw to cut two ears and two eyes from your second cardboard box. Attach these to your puppet using your Scru-Driver and one Scru+ for each eye and ear (the Scru+ forms the centre of the eye and is a playful feature of your puppet).

Step 5: Make 2x legs (for dancing).

Use your Safe-Saw to cut two legs. Attach each one to the base of your puppet using your Scru-Driver and a Scru, then use your Fold-Roller to create a fold for the feet. Test your puppet’s legs with some dance moves!

Step 6: Make 2x arms (for high-fiving).

Use your Safe-Saw to cut two arms. Undo the two Scrus attaching your handle on the lower half of your puppet, then reattach with the arms in place. Use the Fold-Roller to create folds at the elbows and hands.

Step 7: Make a tongue.

Use your Safe-Saw to cut the tongue. Then, use your Fold-Roller, create a fold at the top of the tongue and attach it to the mouth with a Scru. 

Well done super maker, your puppet is now ready to PLAY!

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