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In the Classroom: Fun Friday Projects with Multi-age Groups

In the Classroom: Fun Friday Projects with Multi-age Groups

"I am a teacher-librarian at Bridgeview Elementary in Surrey, British Columbia. I taught a progression of Makedo projects during "Fun Friday". Fun Friday is an hour a week when Kindergartens through Grade 7s learn and play together at an activity of their choice. Students were encouraged to work together in multi-age groups (this was pre-pandemic).


I recommend open-ended projects. These were our weekly design challenges:


  • Make something wearable,
  • Make something with a moving part,
  • Make a building that a kindergarten student can fit inside.


Each week we brainstormed different ways to respond to the design challenges. For example: How can you make a hinge? How can you make something round?

I designed the assessment parameters for the projects. The only materials allowed were cardboard and Makedo tools.

Every week we took our projects apart and reused the materials. There was an emphasis on using materials safely and respectfully. The safety and how-to videos on the Makedo YouTube Channel were helpful for introducing the different tools and techniques.

I highly recommend documenting student’s work at the end of the session so that the students can take their projects apart and they won't lose the materials. While these projects were "just for fun", we could link them with the K-7 BC Applied Design, Skills, and Technology curriculum.


Makedo is a fun and accessible activity for a variety of ages and abilities. There was so much great multidisciplinary learning. Look at what we made!"


Thanks to Suzanna and her students from Bridgeview Elementary in Canada.

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