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In the Classroom: The Town That Takes Care Of The Planet

In the Classroom: The Town That Takes Care Of The Planet

One of 'Single Steps Learning' recent projects, called ‘The Town That Takes Care of The Planet' was a collaboration with Our Holy Redeemer School, Clydebank, Scotland. Here, grade 3 and 4 students designed and built either a prototype or a mini town with Makedo! In the process they learned about making a positive difference in their world.


Their extensive documentation, which you can check out in full detail on Single Steps, outlines the various stages of their project in which students were town planners and worked in engineering teams. With Makedo, they made citizens, vehicles, buildings and RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES. Single Steps Learning uses a ‘Think it, Try it, Fix it, Share it’ design process (see their thorough documentation). The project provided opportunities for students to develop a variety of positive attitudes and skills demonstrated through their reflection process like; have a go, keep on trying, listening, speaking, writing, using numbers and teamwork.

‘Single Steps Learning’ was created by Lynne Williams and Andrew Pearce for the purpose of sharing knowledge about effective learning and teaching. They aim to make a positive difference through embedded professional development. As well as designing and facilitating events and projects and training for educators, they work alongside real teachers in real classrooms to empower, lead and train educators creating collaborative learning communities in the UK.

To do this, they use Makedo and problem-based learning!


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