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In the Classroom: Our Friends at Miniland Early Learning Centre

In the Classroom: Our Friends at Miniland Early Learning Centre

"I'm an early years educator from Miniland Early Learning Centre, Australia. While playing outdoors a group of three and four-year old children spontaneously used a tunnel to pretend to be a dragon. My team and I used this 'teachable moment', aided by Makedo construction tools and recycled cardboard to extend their pretend play and interest in dragons.


Guided by the EYLF (Australian Early Year Learning Framework) we provided an inviting learning environment and resources that were flexible and open-ended to respond to children's evolving ideas and interests. The children collaborated over several hours and showed focus and persistence as they worked with the Makedo tools and cardboard to construct their dragon big enough for them all to fit under.


Together they overcame challenges and solved problems that presented themselves during the making process. We were proud as educators to join in with the children’s inquiry, imagination, creativity and play."


Thanks to the children and teachers at Miniland!

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