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Frequently asked questions

The ingredients to an enquiring mind: who, what, where, how, why.
We love a little curiosity. 
Be curious and learn. 
Curiosity killed the cat. 
Question everything, frequently.


Makedo is a cardboard construction system that is open-ended and easy to use. Makedo allows you to build imaginative and useful creations from reclaimed or recycled cardboard.

Strong enough to cut through cardboard, but safe enough for little fingers, the Safe-Saw does the tricky work.
Rounded teeth leave paper cut free edges.
Strong enough to cut through cardboard. 
Safe for small hands.

The companion tool to the Scru connector. For connecting cardboard quickly and securely. Enables rapid deconstruction of Makedo creations.

Perforate lines to sculpt like a pro. Trace out cutting paths for the Safe-Saw.

Always on hand for extra making, it's a Scru-Driver made mini.

The heart of the Makedo cardboard construction system. Easily and firmly connect layers of cardboard with the Scru.
Completely reusable, just a few quick turns and the Scru is released.

Connect up to five layers of corrugated cardboard or attach 3D printed Makedo parts such as hinges and angle brackets.

For a more in-depth look at each tool in action:

Yes! We designed Makedo tools to be endlessly re-usable.

Simply unscrew the Scru or Scru+ from an existing creation and use it again and again!

No, we only sell the tools for cardboard construction - to safely cut and connect.

In the spirit of making do, you need to find the cardboard locally.

Here are a few ideas for where to find good cardboard:

  •  in your home recycling bin
  •  at the grocer
  •  at the hardware store
  •  near the loading bay at most supermarkets
  •  at cardboard recycling plants
  •  at bicycle and appliance stores 
  •  at second-hand box suppliers
  •  from cardboard manufacturers

We do not sell the brackets or the moving hinge parts. These can either be made from cardboard or we offer them as free files so you can laser cut or 3D print them yourself.

See Makedo on Thingiverse

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, may find one at your local school or library... along with some enthusiastic makers to help you out. Alternately, you can search online for a local 3D printing service in your area.

Are you (or your makers) having trouble getting started with your Makedo creation?

Here are some design thinking ideas* that can help start the conversation, and follow through to the construction process. 

  • Something to CARRY
  • Something to SIT ON
  • Something to RIDE IN
  • Something that can MOVE
  • Something that can FLY
  • Something that is LIVING
  • Something that is SOFT
  • Something that is TALL
  • Something for YOUR HOME
  • Something for YOUR SCHOOL
  • Something for a FRIEND
  • Something to WEAR
  • Something to HIDE INSIDE
  • Something for a PET

* This list was inspired by Anne's Design Thinking Challenge prompts from the ever-creative Left Brain Craft Brain.

What can you make? What can't you make! 

With Makedo cardboard construction tools, makers of all ages can join cardboard together quickly, cleanly and easier than ever before.

Here are some of the fantastic ideas for creations from Makedo makers across the globe:

  • cardboard house
  • cardboard car
  • cardboard dog
  • cardboard mask
  • cardboard hat
  • cardboard glasses
  • cardboard goggles
  • cardboard armor
  • cardboard costume
  • cardboard sword
  • cardboard shield
  • cardboard boat
  • cardboard plane
  • cardboard train
  • cardboard tram
  • cardboard bus
  • cardboard fire truck
  • cardboard fire station
  • cardboard truck
  • cardboard tractor
  • cardboard digger
  • cardboard bike
  • cardboard jet pack
  • cardboard city
  • cardboard dollhouse
  • cardboard playhouse
  • cardboard dog kennel
  • cardboard puppet
  • cardboard lamp
  • cardboard monster
  • cardboard minion
  • cardboard gingerbread man
  • cardboard iron man
  • cardboard batman
  • cardboard horse
  • cardboard giraffe
  • cardboard gorilla
  • cardboard table
  • cardboard chair
  • cardboard stool
  • cardboard theatre
  • cardboard wings
  • cardboard kneepads
  • cardboard boots
  • cardboard christmas tree
  • cardboard lampshade
  • cardboard display
  • cardboard screen
  • cardboard shelves
  • cardboard shelf
  • cardboard tray
  • cardboard phone holder
  • cardboard stand
  • cardboard projector
  • cardboard instrument
  • cardboard weapon
  • cardboard telescope
  • cardboard catapult
  • cardboard castle
  • cardboard teepee
  • cardboard star wars
  • cardboard robot
  • cardboard frame
  • cardboard wall
  • cardboard bridge
  • cardboard safe
  • cardboard maze
  • cardboard tower
  • cardboard arch
  • cardboard door
  • cardboard gate
  • cardboard tunnel
  • cardboard igloo
  • cardboard dome
  • cardboard space pod
  • cardboard spaceship
  • cardboard dinosaur
  • cardboard t-rex
  • cardboard shark
  • cardboard dragon
  • cardboard puppy
  • cardboard kitten
  • cardboard bunny
  • cardboard tail
  • cardboard crocodile
  • cardboard body trace
  • cardboard hands
  • cardboard pinball
  • cardboard game

...and your Makedo project too! Head to our Inspiration HUB to see what others have been making: 

Anyone over the age of four can Makedo. If you are able to imagine that a cardboard box can be something other than ‘a box', then you have just earned your License to Makedo!

General Recommendations:

  • Children aged 4+ can make with the assistance of an adult
  • Children aged 6+ can make independently
  • Children 3 years or younger are not advised to have unsupervised access to Makedo

Makedo was invented and designed by Paul Justin (PJ), an industrial designer based in Melbourne, Australia, in response to requests from his kids to help them make ‘props’ for their imaginative play.

Learn more about how Makedo came to be here.

Makedo is made in China using virgin plastic. However the answers are far more nuanced than that. 

Our underlying philosophy is about developing a visceral understanding of up-cycling and activating a desire and ability in kids to safely and easily make and remake their own toys with cardboard and the tiniest amount of plastic (which makes us plastic negative when you consider the short life of so many plastic toys). 

Our impact must be viewed holistically - as must everything; each electric car and solar panel and sustainability promoting instagram feed viewed on an electronic device is contributing to a carbon footprint. However we see them as ‘good’ because we value the path that they pave. Makedo is creating sustainability thinking pathways inside the minds of tomorrows problem solvers and in this moment, we need to use plastic to do it.

From a technical perspective our product demands certain mechanical properties to both function as intended and comply with international toy safety standards. We are engaged in ongoing research to move away from virgin plastic and we have made some very exciting progress. While this is not ready for production yet, our design team are continually exploring how to best make use of these new materials for Makedo so do stay tuned!

Until that time (and since we were established in 2009) we have run a Closing The Loop program whereby we receive and re-process end of life plastic parts into new parts:

Closing the Loop Submission
(opens in new window)

Makedo tools and connectors are specifically designed to be used with standard corrugated cardboard, a readily available three-layer packaging material consisting of an outer and inner layer of sturdy kraft paper with a fluted layer in between.

The Makedo tools and Scru connectors can work well on all other kinds of cardboard too! We recommend having a try yourself with the reclaimed recyclable materials that you have access to.

All of our products are tested by an independent laboratory to meet global toy standards. 

Makedo conforms to:

  • USA CPSIA and ASTM F963
  • European EN-71
  • Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 8124
  • Canada SOR/2011-17

Makedo is made without PVC, BPA, Phthalates or Lead.

We welcome and value your honest feedback.

Approximately three weeks after placing an order on our store, you will receive an invitation to post a review for the products that you purchased.

As well as helping other Makedo makers by sharing your valuable opinion, posting a review will earn you extra points for your Cardboard Club rewards!


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We would love to hear from you!

Here are the ways that you can get in touch with Makedo.

  • Send us a message directly using the Help Beacon, located in the bottom-right corner of the Makedo website.
  • Fill in the form on the Makedo website Contact page.

And you can also find us here:

The amount of Makedo you need depends on the number of people who will be working with Makedo at any given time and also the scale of what they are working on. As a rough guide we recommend the following: 

1-2 makers: 1x Explore kit (50 pieces)

2-5 makers / family group: 1x Discover kit (126 pieces)

12-24 makers / classroom: 1x Invent kit (360 pieces)

Top up your collection:
Additional packs of Makedo Scru connectors and individual tools are also available from our online store. 

Makedo is an Australian company, based in (and operating from) Melbourne, Australia.
We do not have a W-9 form that we can provide for US customers.

If the ordering process in our own checkout at the Makedo USA store is not suitable for your purchase requirements, you can also find Makedo at Amazon and through our official US resellers:

Becker's School Supplies
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The Makedo Invent kit has been set up with classroom groups in mind; you'll find that the included tools and connectors are enough for approximately 12-24 makers to be engaged in some seriously playful creativity all at the same time.

This kit contains 360 pieces consisting of:

14x SAFE-SAW - Steel blade with to sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard.

7x FOLD-ROLLER - Perforate lines to sculpt like a pro

7x SCRU-DRIVER - Connect cardboard as simply as righty tighty, lefty loosey.

240x SCRU - Connects up to three layers of corrugated cardboard

80x SCRU+ - Connects up to six layers of corrugated cardboard and 3d printed additions

12x MINI-TOOL - For parallel and cooperative making

1x INSPIRATION POSTER - Discover a world of possibilities with 52" / 132cm of illustrated Makedo creation ideas.

The best place to look for ideas and inspiration is the Makedo HUB.

You can also follow Makedo on Instagram and see what other Educators are doing on Twitter.

Here are a few classroom project ideas:

  • The Tallest Tower
  • Shelter
  • Maze
  • Geodesic Dome
  • Costumes / Sets
  • Bridge
  • Mechanism / machine
  • Animals
  • Body trace
  • Compatible components for 3D printing

Have you been to the Makedo website Education page?

We are not able to supply a free sample at this time. Our Explore kit is offered at a very reasonable price and functions well for educators to test and evaluate prior to making a larger commitment.

Have you been using Makedo in your classroom? 

Share the learning experience with other Educators by completing the Makedo In The Classroom survey. 

Submissions will be reviewed and responded to by the Makedo Education Manager.

In order to upload images/video to Makedo you are required to agree to the following Conditions:

Only the owner or persons representing the original source of the image/video are permitted to upload content to Makedo. By uploading you are declaring that you are responsible and have full permission to upload the image/video, and have not appropriated the content from another source. 

Makedo is granted full rights to use the images/video and any adaptations or reproductions of the uploaded content for the purpose of providing inspiration to the creative community of global Makedo makers.

This expressed permission might include (but is not limited to) the right to use the images/video in social media, Makedo subscriber newsletters, online publicity and printed material. 

Uploading images/video of children or minors:

By selecting to agree to these terms, you are granting consent on behalf of any children appearing in images/video to be published in the public domain. It is recommended that permission is sought and there is an informed consent from the child prior to the recording of images/video.

Content uploaded to Makedo is required to be respectful and suitably themed for viewing by both children and adults in the broader Makedo community. Any images/video that Makedo considers to be indecent, harmful, offensive or demeaning to any person will be rejected.

In order to further protect the privacy and safety of children and young people online, Makedo may reject images/video containing names or other personal details, and personal contact information or items that identify a specific location.

Further information and advice can be obtained from the Australian Government Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

We highly recommend watching Ken Robinson’s TED talk on creativity.