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Cardboard Minion Halloween Costume

Every year as Halloween approaches we search far and wide for cardboard costume creativity.
Master Maker Yihung Kuo from Taiwan sent us his amazing Makedo Despicable Me themed Minion costume and we couldn’t help but share!

Makedo minion costume collage

Made of cardboard, early Makedo parts and pure inventive genius, this costume is bound to be all the craze on Halloween. Though... we’d have to say that this guy will probably get more hugs than screams. What do you think?

Makedo cardboard minion costume with kids

You can see a full walkthrough of how this amazing Makedo cardboard Minion costume was made on Instructables, with heaps of photos and a few insights on the clever construction techniques that were used. 

Here's another fun DIY cardboard costume using Makedo: a his 'n hers Gingerbread Man!

Makedo DIY Gingerbread Man cardboard costume

Now that we're all inspired, what will your next cardboard costume be? As always, we’d LOVE to see your creations.